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Chantel Serita

You Can Call Me: Chantel but I also answer to Drop, as in drop that booty!
Hometown: Chicago
Day Job: Bartender
Favorite Diva: Cardi B is my spirit animal
Favorite Music Video: Aaliyah | One in a Million
Favorite Emoji:
Favorite Food or Cocktail: If I’m feeling cute...a Manhattan or a Highball because whiskey
Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Bodysuits
Dancefloor Jam: Gucci ft. Meg the Stallion: Big Booty
Fave Beauty Product: Lashes (but I suck at applying them)
My Hashtag Is: #chantelserita
A Secret: I have a few alter egos...ask me about them.
Personal Mantra: Success is Inevitable

Chantel Serita